Combined Group Contracting Company was established in 1965 in Kuwait as a limited liability company with a total paid capital of KD 7,500 (approximately $25,000). Through diligent work,  CGC has become a publicly traded shareholding company with a capital of KD 14,855,070.300(approximately $49 million). CGC has grown its revenues from KD 50,000 (approximately $167,000) in 1965 to almost KD 251 million (approximately $837 million) in 2015.

CGC continued to grow in strength and quality over the past five decades. Our staff currently reaches over 10000 employees, among whom are some of the finest names in the contracting and engineering industry in the Arab world.



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Dear Website Visitors,

I would like to welcome you all, current or potential, public and private project owners, subcontractors, suppliers, joint venture allies, and employees, all of you partners, friends and family of Combined Group Contracting Company (CGC).

CGC was a result of a vision of not just wanting to build things, but to build them well and to go about building them while adhering to the highest set of professional and personal ethics and standards possible. You see, the founders were not simply interested in partaking in the construction of the country; we wanted to concurrently go about building trust, reliability and enduring partnerships with all of whom we did business, and by doing so, proceeding with our partners in building a future, well into the future.

This website aims to familiarize you with our company, CGC; you will find information on all aspects of the company and in all its fields and countries of operation. You can get to know all our business units and departments and easily communicate with your party of interest using simple online forms aimed to facilitate this communication. You can learn about the history of the company and its achievements. You can learn about our current undertakings. You can get a glimpse of our vision for the future, a future that, we hope, you decide to join.

Most companies design their web pages intent on delivering a particular message. Above all else, I hope that we have succeeded in communicating to you, through these pages, our company ethos; while we know that life is about compromise, there is one thing that we have not, throughout our 50 years of history, and will not, in all our years to come, compromise on, honoring and exceeding our commitments and your expectations.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website and walk away with the feeling that you want to enter our circle of partners, our family.

Sincerely Yours, Abdulrahman Al-Marouf, CGC Chairman

Mr. Abdul Rahman Mousa AL Marouf

Mr. Raad Khalaf Al Abdullah
Vice Chairman

Mr. Badr Meshari Al Homaizi (Independent)
Board Member

Mr. Ahmad Khalid Ahmad Al Homaizi
Board Member

Mr. Emad Ahmad Al Houti
Board Member

Mr. Abdul Rahman Ahmad Al Marouf
Board Member

Mr. Marouf Abdul Rahman Al Marouf
Board Member

Mr. Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Al Marouf
Board Member (CEO)

Mr. Mousa Ahmad Al Marouf
Board Member


At Combined Group Contracting Company (CGC), our mission is to ensure that customers receive services with our highest quality standards alongside cost efficiency. By employing the latest innovative technologies and management techniques, CGC Fulfills the client’s technical and economic plans.

We believe that our customers are our biggest investment, forming the cornerstone of the company’s future. Therefore, we ensure our strategic partnerships by maintaining a careful and professional development process.


At Combined Group Contracting Company, our vision is to reach a level of excellence that ensures us a place within the top ten contracting companies in the Gulf region. Through professionalism and executing the best quality in our projects, we aim to reach this goal over the coming decade.

Main Objectives

To increase the company rate of growth in revenue and profit in all departments and sections of the parent company and across all our subsidiaries and branches inside and outside the State of Kuwait for the purpose of development of return on equity, by increasing the company’s revenue growth rates annually not less than 10% .15% .20% as of year 2011 and the following years consecutively and work to achieve profit ratio of not less than 12% of revenue annually.

It is also required from Subsidiaries & Department Managers to coordinate with the heads of departments to develop a detailed sub-objectives and performance indicators that can be measured to achieve the main objective of the company.

Those main objectives will be reviewed at the end of each fiscal year for the purposes of the implementation of the mission and achieve the vision.

Assets and Expansions

In addition to our contracting projects, CGC owns asphalt plants, ready-mix concrete batching plants, and a wide and diverse fleet of equipment, ranging from heavy specialized equipment to light vehicles. While these assets mainly support our own operating divisions, the services center occasionally caters to the market and supports other contractors as well.

Ready Mix Concrete Plants

The company owns one of the region’s biggest concrete mixing plants with a production capacity of 160 cubic meters / hour. Attached to these plants are laboratories to manage and control the quality of products, and a chiller with a capacity of 130KW to cool the water used during the concrete mixing phase which is conducted at high temperatures.

Asphalt Plants

The asphalt plants owned by the company are considered to be amongst the biggest in the Middle East and have a production rate of 440 tons / hour. A group of testing laboratories attached to these plants conduct continuous testing or raw and finished product material samples to ensure their compatibility to the highest standards. Our own teams of highly skilled engineers manage the plants.

Garage (workshops, vehicles and equipment)

The company owns fully-equipped mechanical workshops able to carry out all necessary maintenance and repairs for our fleet of vehicles, equipment and plant. The workshop is built over an area exceeding 10,000 square meters.

Our equipment and vehicles include earth moving equipment, road paving and construction equipment, and pumping equipment together with numerous other transportation vehicles. These are all controlled, managed and maintained by our own specialized team of technicians to ensure their efficient and reliable operation.

Combined Group Contracting Co. (CGC) is keen to provide a professional quality service that meets and satisfies the needs of its customers as well deliver constructions services that conform to the relevant regulations, codes, and specifications.

CGC is committed to apply the Quality Management System and its continual improvement according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in all over the company’s activities, specifically in the constructions and contracting field.

CGC is keen to support, train, and develop all members of its staff to enable them to achieve and keep the required level of competence. CGC management is committed to;

  1. Encouraging and promoting innovation at all different level within the company.
  2. Identifying the training needs for CGC resources to meet the company’s objectives.
  3. Develop and improve the effective of the Quality Management System continuously.
  4. Deliver a quality service within the specification.
  5. Ensure that client needs and expectations are identified with the aim of achieving client satisfaction.
  6. Encourage the company staff members to maintain a client focus and meet all specified requirements

CGC relies on state-of-the-art Information System to deliver projects to our customers. The proven ERP software integrates the various departments of the Organization and drives our Business. Business processes implemented are industry best practices.

A combination of sophisticated Hardware, Software, IT infrastructure and trained Users facilitate the several business operations.  The system integrates Planning, Procurement, Inventory, Project Execution & Control with Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and Plant Maintenance under one unified platform.  The data access is highly secured and authorizations to users strictly restricted as per their Segregation of Duties.

The Online, Real-time data and the resulting MIS improve informed decision making.  The faster response-time and efficient controls result into an overall efficiency of the Organization and benefits to our valued Customers, Employees and other Stakeholders.

Awards & Recognition:

The ERP implementation was awarded as the best in the category across MENA (Middle East and North Africa) as well as EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regions.


Combined Group Contracting Company aims to execute its works in a safe and healthy work environment by controlling and eliminating all job hazards that could potentially harm employees or the environment. This goal is achieved through compliance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Standards and through the following guidelines:

  • Complying with the requirements of our clients as well as all relevant legal and governmental requirements and instructions.
  • Identifying and controlling all workplace hazards prior to commencing the work.
  • Ensuring that all employees training are up to date and confirming full and constant implementation of all HSE rules and regulations.
  • Constantly monitoring the performance of the HSE Management system to ensure its effectiveness.

Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications Certificates of appreciation and accolades that the company earned, A result of the efforts made by the company to accomplish projects with the required level of quality and on time, the company received awards and medals from various governmental and civil organizations, both within and outside the State of Kuwait.